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P5N-E SLI and Twin2x2048-6400 G


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This is my first post here and Im pretty much in over my head with all this so please be gentle on me.


Just installed the new mobo and ram as stated in the title...and it wont let me get into the BIOS.

The screen comes up that says 'hit DEL to enter setup' but when I do the screen just goes black.


Ram is in the two yellow slots...and I tried them each one at a time. How do I get into the BIOS?


Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


P4 3.0 CPU (yeah I know..just havent put in the C2D yet)


2x Nividia 8500gt Vid cards

XP Pro

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Thanks for the response DerekT. I tried removing a vid card and got the same result...still cant get into BIOS. Wierd thing is..it will boot all the way to Windows and runs fine...no crashes, nothing.


This problem just started when I installed this RAM, I was getting blue screen of death crashes before this with other RAM I had.


Any other suggestions?



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BIOS version is 0608 Im pretty sure. I know there is one newer version I saw on the ASUS site.



Yeah I was able to get into the BIOS with the other RAM...I just couldnt get the system stable at all with it...cause I just dont know all the 'in's and out's' of the fine tuning process.


updating the BIOS kinda scares the ba-jeebus out of me cause I dont wanna mess anything up.

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The new BIOS 0703 2007/08/16

Enhance compatibility of certain memory module.

Add support for SLP 2.0.


You might want to take the board to a tech shop and have them update it.


Try inserting the old DRAM in and enter the BIOS. Set your BIOS memory voltage to 2.0v. Save settings. Shut the system down. Insert the new memory.


Can you enter BIOS?

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