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Guess you dont replace with what you send in huh?


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I sent in a matched pair of RAM (total 2gb)...

This is what I purchased ...TWINXP2048-3200C2


What i got back was working ram, It has the same specs as the old ones, but this does not have any of the features which i wanted and bought the original for.


What I got back was just the average looking ram with no LED display at all.




Needless to say I have to just toss that ram that you sent to me in my draw of give it to someone and re purchase my original ram it again from a vender. Seems strange how that other companies have that ram still in stock for purchase but your company does not.


Thx for the replacement thou, but it is just not what I hoped that I would be getting back.

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Please contact our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0" or (510) 657-8747, I am sure they will be able to work with you to get you something comparable to what you had previously. Unfortunately the XPERT modules are no longer manufactured and they may not be available for replacement.
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Thx, for the reply, I did already call and that was what I was told, is that they do not have that item in stock any longer.


The set of CMX1024-3200C2 is workign nicely thou, I will stick with these till I make my next pc build


Hopefully jump up to the ddr3 ram, and get 8 bit 8 bit deep prefetch buffer

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