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Need Help On Memory Selection


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Hi there this is my first time in here and just wondering .. I got me a ABIT IC7-G MAX II MOTHERBOARD but im a bit lost on how 2 choose a memory.... i wanted to have 3 ghz max. but for now ill settle for 2ghz..I havent really had any chooices. I would like if anyone that has more xperience on rams that could help me on choosing or selecting a good match for my system. If u need 2 check the motherboard specs quick here u can c it here [url]http://www.aberdeeninc.com/abcatg/MB6535.htm[/url] This is a computer that stays on 24/7 .. will b used for lots of gaming and few (light) video projects.. P4 3.0 GHZ ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256 MB Studio Quality Audigy™ 2 ZS Platnium Pro. Abit Ic7-g Max 2 Motherboard
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