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TWIN2X1024-8500C5D in EVGA 680i SLI


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I have a very confusing problem with this combination here. One of the sticks of RAM in this combination WILL NOT post with a voltage below 2.0v, while the other stick will. Both will POST over 2.0v and I kept them at 2.2v. However, recently I've been getting memory read and write errors when running applications in Windows, primarily games. However, strangely enough I only get those errors when BOTH sticks of RAM are being used. I have yet to receive an error when one stick of RAM is used on its own.


To try to narrow down the problem, I ran 4 passes of memtest86 on each stick of RAM alone in the system, then I ran 20 passes with both sticks back in the system. All tests passed, 0 errors.


I load into Windows and I start crashing again because of memory read and write issues, and now i'm back to sitting at a C1 error running on 2.2v.


I have no idea what this could be as I've exhausted all options that I am aware of. Any ideas or help? Is it the board or is it the RAM?



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