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I just a build myself a new computer

CPu Intel Core duo E6750

MBoard:Asus P5KC

HDD:WD 500GB Sata

Graphics card:ASUS EN8600GTS

Memory : Twin corsair CM2X1024-6400

But i have a problem while runnig games and when my ram is being pushed

I have read somewhere that this motherboard does not support corsair memory which i currenlt have am I right??

Many thanks for replies

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  • Corsair Employees

LOL where did you see that? And we use ASUS MB's in our production line and I do not know of any MB that will not work with our memory.


Most likely, what ever you saw was from one of our competitors. There is no way any MB make or module maker can make a product that will not work with one specific manufacturer, that is not realistic don't you think?

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