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Confusion over Gigabyte M/Board and Corsair Ram


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Hi Ram Guy,


I posted this question yesterday but at the same time sent an email to Gigabyte regarding the matter of the Gigabye P35-DS3L. It's memory support list has Corsair memory listed as: CM2X1024-8500C5


But on the corsair website and my stockist the model number I am ordering is: TWIN2X2048-8500C5D.


Is this the same product? Will that ram work @ 1066Mhz on that motherboard?


Gigabyte actually said this is NOT the same and it is not officially supported, but to ask you guys just in case. Then you're Ram Configurator says it will but I thought I should check with an expert first.


I want a M/Board that will support DDR2 @ 1066 - but I am struggling to find a brand I know (I checked Gigabyte and Asus) with proper support. They always have '*' next to the entry.


Any help would be very greatly appreciated

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XM2S-8500C5 and XM2S-8500C5D are the same basic module just the "D" version is the latest version and what is available and has a better heat spreader. So yes they are the same memory and will work the same.
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