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Flash Voyager GT 4Go recognized like a USB1.1


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When i connect my Flash Voyager GT 4Go, Windows XP send me an alert like :


"This USB periph. can be faster if you connect it to a USB2 etc..."


This only happen since i change my motherboard. Before, on my ASUS A7V8X, it worked like an USB2 key, very fast, while on my friend's laptop (Asus A6000 series) it was only recognized by WinXP like a USB1.1 key. But now, since i bought an ASUS M2N-MX SE motherboard, it's like on my friend's laptop, my USB key appears like a USB1.1 one, very slow. I also have a Flash Voyager 2Go which still work perfectly on my new motherboard as well as before.



Is there any BIOS to flash in the USB key? Or do i have to get it replaced? I bought it on june 2007, but I lost the package, is it a problem for the warranty?


Sorry for my english, i'm french... ;):

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