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4GB (4x1GB) CorsairXMS2, DDR2 PC2-6400 (800) + Asus striker extreme :(

Abney Park

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i have 4GB (4x1GB) CorsairXMS2, dhx DDR2 PC2-6400 (800) and a asus Asus striker extreme.


when i put all 4 sticks in the dimms, the system pots but the bioso will only see 3 / 4 of the sticks, so biscky i have 3 gb of ram / 4


when i try and boot windows like this i get a bsod


boot vista with 2 sticks and boots fine.


all my ram works - tested one by one in my mates pc


i borrowed his 2 gig sticks of ram, and put them in blue slots first then the white and bios reads 2 gb every time so all dims work. i didnt try mixing and matching his with mine, - not a good idea.


i then swaped my 2 ram in the blue slots with the white ones and no post just a constant beep, put ram backinto blue slots and systems posts and

loads vista


(using vista 64 btw)


both were from scan




i dont know the best voltage for these sticks, if anyone knows could they plz tell me.


i guess im going to have to rma something.


but rma what, ram / mobo both work in deifferant situations


im thinking of rmaing the ram - makes like easy dont have to take the pc to bits and if i borrow some ram it will still work.

i guess the ram i have is just not compatable with this mobo.


any sugstions on what ram to get for this mobo


4 gb worth . i dont really want to go over the £150 - £200 unless i really need to


plz help


cheers Abney Park

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  • Corsair Employees

With 4 modules I would suggest DDR667 and set the memory Voltage to 2.0 Volts. But we have tested this MB with 4 6400 Modules at 800 MHz with an 1066 FSB CPU, with these settings:

SLi ready: Disabled

Memory Voltage: 2.0v

NB Core Voltage: 1.4v

TCL: 5


TRP: 5

TRAS: 15

Command Per Clock: 2

TRC: 28



In addition there is a patch you will need to install for Windows Vista for more than 3 Gig of memory.

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i have vista 64. xp 64 and open suse 64. will install all 2 when i can get the system fully working. just vista installed atm, how would i go about enableing the memory map as i cant find it in bios?


chipset on the striker extreme is a 680i

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nothing in the manual still waiting to hear from asus


manual mentioned ecc but ram i have is non ecc


looks as if in the next few days both ram and mb will have to be rma :(


Try a single stick and boot the system with it in each memory slot to see if you have a bad slot on the MOBO.

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yep 4th slot just beeps and wont boot with my ram. however if i put 1 of my mates

2GB (2x1GB) Corsair TwinX XMS2, DDR2 PC2-6400 (800), 240 Pins, Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 4-4-4-12 in a slot at a time all 4 slots work amd boot showing 1024 mb of ram in bios

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I am having the same issue. I am running a striker extreme mobo with vista 32bit. I have 4x Corsair CM2x1024-6400 800MHz sticks. When I put 3 of them into the slots, computer boots up just fine. But when I put in the 4th stick, all I get when I start up the computer is a solid beeping sound.


I was reading in some other forums in here and saw that I needed to download a vista update to be able to read the 4th stick which I did but after installing it and installing all 4 sticks, it booted up but the bios was only reading 3 of the 4 sticks. Am I doing something wrong or is the constant sound of the mobo telling me the something is broke? Thanks for the help guys.

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Sorry I forgot to mention the fact that I know I won't get all 4Gb out of it. I'm just curious why the bios won't even read the 4th stick.


I'm curious with JUMMS =) I'm running (4) 1GB sticks of 6400 on a Striker Extreme with Vista Home Basic 32-bit and my BIOS posts all 4 gigs of RAM and PC Probe sees all 4 DIMMs even though Windows cannot. That leaves me curious as to why so many people are having the 4th stick not post.....


My memory voltage, in case anyone wants to try it, is 2.100v. No overclocks anywhere in the system.

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I just tested all the indiviual sticks in all the different slots one at a time, and then in pairs. All sticks are working and all slots are working. Then I started putting them in 1 stick at a time and it worked all the way up till the fourth stick which again wasn't being read by the bios. I'm now gonna look for this remap memory setting.


...I just found the OS Select for DRAM setting and it was set to Non-OS2. Just to check and make sure it would do the same thing the other way, I changed the setting to OS2 and rebooted. When it restarted, the BIOS was still only reading 3072MB on RAM installed and 3071MB usable. I then reset the setting back to Non-OS2.


Also, all the overclocking setting are set to auto and all the voltages are also set to auto. As of right now, I don't have the Vista update installed nor have I updated the BIOS if that matters at all. Any ideas?

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