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4GB (4x1GB) CorsairXMS2, DDR2 PC2-6400 (800) + Asus striker extreme

Abney Park

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ok. hi there


my nice new asus stiker extreme mobo will only see 3 of my 4 gig ram sticks. i know all my ram works as i tested each stick one at a time and managed to boot into vista 64.


i borrowed my mate ram similer specs and put his ram, (he only has 2 gig) in the slot that mine wouldnt work in, windows booted and the bios reconised his 2 gb sticks, i put 2 of my ram in the same slots 2/4 but my bios ony reconised 1 gb (slot2)


i want to know why his ram works on all of my mobos slots and mine wont.


i have set the ram timimgs and voltages to those recomened by corsair and still no luck, i have the latest bios v for the striker extreme.


plz help. i hope i didnt spend this much money for it to only half work



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