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TwinX1024-3200XLPRO won´t do cas 2.5 or 3


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I have a set of TwinX1024-3200XLPRO that will only do cas 2. Cas 2.5 or cas 3 will give memtest errors. Sometimes cas 2.5 will pass memtest but will BSOD in windows.


Is this behaviour normal for this ram?



LOT# 0512061-3


XMS3208v1.2 written in the sticks.



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BIOS is the latest available for this motherboard. ABIT AN7 BIOS version 19.

I always use these settings.


CPU Interface -> Enabled

FSB -> 200 MHz

CPU FSB/DRAM ratio -> AUTO (Sandra says 6:6, Everest says 1:1)


Command Rate is set to 1T by the BIOS and there isn´t any option available to change this. There is a modded BIOS that will do 2T but doesn´t make a difference.


The modules are at DIMMs 2 and 3. This makes dual channel. I also tried each module on each DIMM alone and still errors on memtest86+ at CAS 2.5 and CAS 3.


There isn´t a 2.75 V option available. There is 2.7 V; 2.8 V and 2.9 V. I set to 2.7 V. The motherboard DDRVDD sensor shows 2.75 V in Everest and 2.77 V in SpeedFan.



I don´t know if these options make a difference:


CPU Disconnect Function -> Enabled

FSB Spread Spectrum -> Disabled

CPU Thermal-Throttling -> Disabled


CPU is an Athlon XP T-Bred B 2400+ FSB default is 133 MHz. Been running at 200 MHz FSB 10x multi default voltage for at least 2 years. RAM runs fine at default timings. The problem is running at superior CAS value.

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I will try as you suggest. I will try 133 MHz FSB sync and 133 MHz FSB 200 MHz memory. Will post results tomorrow.


Anyway, I have a pair of 256 MB (each) TwinMOS memory that runs at 2.5-3-3-8-1T 400 MHz DDR default stable in dual channel mode. And has no problems running at more relaxed timings with same Motherboard and CPU. I will check that again to make sure.



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Tried CPU default settings FSB 133 MHz, CPU FSB/DRAM Ratio AUTO that will make RAM at 133 MHz as well. Than changed RAM timings to 3-4-4-8. That will make BSOD at Windows load again and again. Than I tried 2.5-3-3-8 and Windows won´t even start loading.


With CPU FSB at 133 MHz and CPU FSB/DRAM Ratio set to SPD, that will make RAM at 200 MHz and CPU at 133 MHz async. Again CAS 2.5 or CAS 3 will imediatly BSOD into Windows.


They will run at CAS 2. At 2.9 V they pass memtest at 233 MHz sync 2-3-3-7-2T dual channel, and will run Windows without problems.

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Abit says it supports DDR 400:


The nForce™2 Ultra 400-based AN7 is packed with features that deliver mind-bending performance. With a 400MHz FSB, Dual DDR400 support, NVIDIA SoundStorm™, and exclusive ABIT μGuru™ technology, the AN7 is the definitive AMD Athlon™ platform for the hardware enthusiast.


Anyway when time is available I will try other RAM its rated DDR400 at 2.5-3-3-8



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