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Corsair 620HX Awful RMA experience.Need assistance.


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Hi there:


I need some help and suggestions, and I advise the people in Corsair to take notes on this problem.


A week ago I RMAed a Corsair PSU 620HX, that I've purchased from ZipZoomFly. The reason was because of a clicking noise coming from the 120mm fan at the bottom of the unit, and I noticed the fan somehow de-centered. (I have another 620HX unit on another of my systems and never had any problems with it so far).


I sent the unit complete, all cables and contents of the box in pristine condition. I've actually never installed the PSU, I just tested it with a clip to check that it was working (a suggestion from your warranty FAQ) and then I noticed the annoying noise coming from it.


I asked the RMA person of the phone, if sending the complete unit was OK and his response was that I shouldn't have to worry, since Corsair will send me a complete new unit, like the ones you get new from retail.


On October 3, I've recieved the unit, and indeed it was sealed and wrapped with the transparent plastic, it looked unopen to me.


Today Saturday I was ready to put together my new system,so I opened the box.


To my dissapointment I've noticed that the RMA unit that was sent wasn't new at all, in fact it was already used!


- Inside the box, I saw that the power supply itself was not wrapped with plastic, as it always is inside the foam cushions.

- No mounting screws were supplied (these always come on a new unit)

- The AC power cord was not tied as it is with new units.


I said, well, this is nothing to worry about too much. But then I opened the black bag which contains the cables. This bag was already wrinkled and looked bent.


I noticed that one cable were already sticking out the bag, like if someone put them back on it on a rush. Now the worst:


-The 2 PCI-E cords were covered with dust, and a ziptie which was already cut was joining them together, and were all wrinkled, and placed on the bag in a very poor fashion. This tells me that some person already used them on a system.


-I saw two Molex to PCI-E connectors, one inside a platic bag, another already opened, which actually are not part of this unit.


- One of the SATA power cables was also ziptied and to my surprise completely covered with dust, and stuck in the ziptie I found nothing less than a human hair!


I turned the PSU on with a clip to test the unit. It powered ON, but to my surprise I noticed a screetching sound coming from it, and worse a clacking noise coming from the 120mm fan.But this noise was worse than the one I've RMAed before.


I've put the unit against the light to see the inside frame of the fan, and to my dissapointment, I saw dust on the fan blades and traces of more dust on the frame.


Corsair indeed and undoubtely sent me a a used unit. This unit I recieved was poorly packaged, incomplete (lack of screws) and shows signs of of use which means that it has already a shorter lifetime.


I've just filled out an RMA on this. But I think it's unfair that I have to pay for shipping again, since this is the RMA person's fault.


I really don'twant too use this unit at all in my new system. With all the dust I already saw, plus a freaking hair on already ziptied cables, is enough to think this unit is risky enough.


Today is Saturday, and I'm very frustrated and dissapointed. I've never thought Corsair could treat me like this. I'm regretting to have ever RMAed the first unit I had from retail. I've sent the unit in pristine condition, and what I get is a so-called and false NEW replacement in no less than "poop" condition.


I live in San Carlos, CA, very close to Fremont. And I'm seriously thinking about taking a trip to Corsair and perform the RMA right there. You have to understand that I cannot trust that the next RMA will come to me as it should.


I cannot trust that the person in RMA or packaging could be more careful, and at least have some respect to their customers and send RMA's in NEW condition as it was promised in the beginning. And really, I don't want to pay for shipping again. It was fair the first time, but I don't think it's fair when you get a replacement in this poor unnacceptable condition. I would like to go there myself and make sure that Corsair keeps their promises.


I sincerely hope this ends up well. I don't know if Corsair's customer service phone works on Sundays. Because I can't really wait for them to help me out. The frustration is too much, and recieving a RMA unit in this condition is like a slap in my face.


Anyone from Corsair that can help me out? (I have my RMA numbers and case numbers if needed)



Thank you!

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