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New 520w psu not working


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I'm building a new pc, the first time I've done this, and I'm buying the parts gradually as I can afford them. I've just bought a 520w psu and the only other components I have are a case, 2 fans and a SATA hard drive.


I've just installed the psu in the case & it doesn't seem to work - being new to this I'll outline what I've tried.


To power the fans I've connected a molex cable to the psu and attached to this the fan cable provided and to this I've attached a 4 pin to 3 pin fan adaptor, I hoped this'd power the fan but nothing happens.


Also the fan in the psu itself does not seem to be running, I've checked the power lead by using one I know works & the rocker switch is definately set to on. Should the fan in the psu run no matter what - is this a good sign it's faulty?


Sorry if these are daft questions, I just don't want to send it back if it my stupidity stopping it working



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The power supply needs resistance to function properly and generally needs at least a motherboard attached before anything will work. I experienced a situation very similar to yours so I went to a local Radio Shack and bought a power supply tester (made by Thermaltake). Here's a link:




Hope this helps!

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In order for the PSU to start up without a motherboard you would need to short the green wire with any of the black wires on the 24-Pin connector (you can use a paperclip). Flipping the switch on the back of the PSU will not turn on unit.
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