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twinx1024-3200c2 will not post as a pair


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I just recieved replacement ram for Case #246815. twin 512 ddr 400 sticks.

I cannont get the ram to post as a set. here is what i have done

flashed by bios to latest release

tried loading 3 bios banks of previously working configurations with no post

each stick will post individually and run at 3338 timings.

each stick will post with another ocz stick i got as a set, one corsair one ocz.

i have tried bumping the voltage to 1.8 from the stock 1.6.

I have forced the timings to 3338, 2227, 2336 and still no luck


I am baffled to how each new corsair stick will post as a single stick or when paired with a slower ocz stick but will not post together.


Any ideas before i send these sticks back for another slow RMA

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