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Incompatible or am I just unlucky? P5K and 8500C5D


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Recently upgraded to P5K (standard edition) and Twin2x2048-8500C5D.


First time around system would not boot with both modules installed, but would boot with one of them (but not the other on its own).


Sent back both modules and ordered replacement. This time around system won't boot with both or either module alone.


When I say it won't boot, I mean nothing happens - powers up but no BIOS POST beeps at all and nothing on the screen.


I am running with a single 1Gb module of slower memory now. Interestingly after attempting to install the 8500C5D (and then switching back to my working RAM), the BIOS tells me "Overclocking Failed", and I press F2 to reset defaults and boots fine.


Am running the latest 603 BIOS for the P5K. I've tried increasing the DRAM Voltage to 2.2V as suggested elsewhere in this forum - still nothing. For the record I did this by booting with working memory, entering BIOS, changing setting, save and exit, power off, install the 8500C5D modules and power on. Obviously I can't change the setting with the modules installed because BIOS doesn't show!


Any ideas? Should I return the modules again and hope for 3rd time lucky? Or could this be an issue with the P5K?


Many thanks, Alfie.

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It's extremely doubtful that you would get 3 out of four modules causing problems. It's very likely a board issue.


Thanks for the reply. I would normally agree but it seems strange to me that one of the original modules ran fine on its own (for a few days and perfectly stable).

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Run memtest singly on each modules. Results?


I have used these modules on more than a few P5K boards. Being P5K vanilla. P5K-E/Wifi, P5K-Deluxe and P5K-Premium.


I doubt an issue of memory given your circumstances and these boards are not incompatible, however a singular board issue is not uncommon. I would test the modules in another board. Certainly Corsair will support you if you wish to return the modules but the statistics of this happening, well it's just not very conceivable. Corsair will very likely test them, find them fine and off you go with the same problems.


Far easier to test the modules themselves on another board. It's up to you however.

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