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RAM for Pavilion dv8120ca laptop?


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Spent a week on this already.

Have a 1.5 yr old Pavilion dv8120ca laptop and had Infinion 512MB DDR1 333 SODIMM, I increased that with another competitors brand, starts with king and ends with stone, 512MB a year ago. Works great.

Looking at going with two 1GB sticks, I can use any combo up to 2GB. Which Corsair 1GB DDR1 sticks can I use?

I used the memory configurator on the site and the closest is a dv8125nv, its identicle in every way when I go to HP site to check.

The dv8125nv can take Corsair VS1GSDS333. Will this work in my dv8120ca?

Thank you.

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I just read the other dv8120ca thread here http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=62677&highlight=VS1GSDS333

which sort of answered my question, mines very similar model to the dv8120us. Confirmation if this VS1GSDS333 works on my laptop would be great. I can assume it does.


Just another piece of info: Recently in my hast I shopped locally and I put in 2x1GB of another competitors brand, RAM last week and it kept rebooting after a few minutes. Its been returned, thats when I was informed laptops are pickier about RAM. Runs great on the original RAM.


I just want something that will last and reliable. I have 2GB of Corsair XMS2Dominator in my desktop PC....works excellent.

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OK, using CPU-Z and also Everest I find this about the factory memory.


Since competitors names won't post I shall say the brand starts with In fin and ends with ion.

It is 512MB DDR1 PC2700 (2rows, 4 banks) Unbuffered, 2.5v

Part # 64D64020HDL6B

Timings: 2.5 3 3 7


Hope that tells you something.



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