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Correct ram settings in bios for my system


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I have just assembled a new system with an asus P5k-e Wifi/ap motherboard and 4 1gb Corsair TWIN2X2048-8500C5D.


Both Corsair and Asus states compability with these modules.


I have installed Windows Vista on the system and everything seems to run fine.


However when I run the memtest 1.70 I get loads of errors running the test number 5.


I am not sure what to do, however reading the net error 5 in memtest seems to be connected with wrong settings in bios for the ram modules.


I have not been doing any overclocking but only adjusted the timings for the ram accordingly to the manual 5-5-5-15 and set the voltage for the modules to 2,2.


Further more I have set the speed to 1067 mhz.


Can anyone suggest other tweaks and would it maybe help to give the modules more voltage?


If so what is the maximum voltage for these modules.


Please help me... I am desperate to get my new system up and running.


Thanks in advance



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HI there


Thanks for a quick reply!


I have disabled usb legacy support in the bios. Further more I have four modules installed.


I run the newest bios version but do not use the default settings (as mentioned above)


Should I really load bios defaults? Will my modules get the correct timing settings and voltage with the "auto" feature enabled?


And more important: will the speed be set to 1066 in auto mode?



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