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I've recieved my RMA today, and was thinking which parcel company i should use to send my Memory Modules back to Corsair. After a very long time searching, i've finally chosen a company which i will use.


Would it be a good idea if we had a sticky thread, with each country and the cheapest/quickest methods of parcel shipping?


for example:


From: | Company: | Time: | Cost: |


France | Company name | 3-5 Days | $??.?? |

U.K | Royal Mail | 3-4 Days | £??.?? |

Hong Kong | Company name | 3-5 Days | $??.?? |




this way, users alike myself who are pretty new to this, can spot which parcel company would be recommended and reliable.


Just a thought which may help people around here get things sorted a little quicker and easier.


Hope this may be useful some how.






S Hoang

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I dont have a problem with that but the issue is I do not know about other countries. I will leave this thread open so other users can post the opinions and we will see what kind of information we get.
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