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Ugly startup sound HX450


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When I turn on the PC (from the power button on the case) I get a strange noise coming from my HX450. It only lasts for one (1) second but it sounds like a squealing/grinding noise.


I am worried about this because just recently I had a 160GB Maxtor suddenly cease to work on me. I was getting a BIOS alarm followed by a nasty grinding noise...never had any problems before this PSU so I am a little suspicious of it.


If there is something wrong with this PSU and it wrecks my new Seagate 250gb there will be hell to pay.


Any ideas on why I am getting this grinding/squealing noise on startup (the exact second I push the power button)? It is definitely coming from the PSU, I checked and double checked.

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Never mind. I took apart my case and disabled every fan one by one to see what was up, because I suspected it could be a fan.


Turned out to be a little 60mm case fan I have venting from the top of my PC above and a little to the side of the power supply. I guess my ears aren't good enough to detect sounds in that small of a distance.

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