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PC3200 mem with AMD mobile CPU in desktop, will it work?


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I have an AMD 2600 mobile, 1.4 v CPU (highly overclockable), and a pair of matched (dual channel) Corsair PC3200, 512 megs mem, waiting to be put together.


I can't find the article now, but it stated that with the nVidia 2 Chipset, when trying to run an AMD XP mobile CPU in a desktop mobo (mine is the ABIT NF7S-vs2, Ultra 400) and using PC3200 SDRAM, there are issues.


To get around these, a hardwire mod has to be made to the Socket A to have the CPU and mem work together. It said that this was true of all PC3200 mem & manufactures (not an issue with PC2700), when using it with an AMD XP mobile processor in a desktop application.


Ever heard of this and if so, what do I do?

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