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mobo will only boot when cmos cleared..

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My interesting problem is that in order to get my computer to boot I have to clear the cmos. If I make any changes in the bios the mobo won't even post. I've tried adjusting the voltage on the ram, to no avail. I've updated the bios to the current, no help.


This is not related to the motherboard as I returned an asus one already for the same problem, which leaves a problem with the psu, the ram, I doubt the videocard. Independent of the vista install.


Kind of a pain having to clear the bios every boot and being unable to adjust any setting in the bios.


abit IN-9 32X

OCZ 1010w psu

corsair xms2X6400 4gb (1gb didn't work either)

EVGA 8800 gts

q6600 quad core pentium

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One way to test the memory would be to test the modules one at a time. If the system gives you the same issues with each module when tested individually then it is probably not the memory that is casing the issue. Can you tell me the actual part number of the modules you have?
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