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CMX256A - 3200C2PT Failing Memtest


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Hey all, I'm about 99.9% sure that I have a bad stick of ram. My system specs: Barton 2500 ASUS A7N8X-E (1008 bios) 2x256mb Corsair CMX256A - 3200C2PT 6-3-3-2T @ 2.7v *Nothing has/is been overclocked, running at 333fsb w/ ram in sync.* I'm building my new HTPC and I am looking for super stability so I went through a bunch of tests on the ram, let me know if I missed anything. Tested stick #1 in all 3 banks w/ Memtest 3.0 (10 passes) = no problems! Tested stick #2 in bank 1 = ~900 errors Tested stick #2 in bank 2 = ~900 errors Tested stick #2 in bank 3 = ~900 errors Any other ideas or should I begin the RMA process for that one stick? Thanks for any input!
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