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Hesistation Issue w/620HX


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I recently purchased two CMPSU 620HXs for two of my builds.


Both builds are exactly the same:


Antec 900

Gigabyte P35 DSR3

Intel Q6600

Thermalright 120 Ultra

EVGA 8800GTS 320MB

WD Raptor X 150GB

2x Samsung SH-203B SATA Optical Drives


My issue is that upon Cold Boot, the PSU powers the case fans for about 1-2 sec (no other components power on), shut off for about 1 sec, then the PSU powers all other components and the boot ensues. While running, the system does not experience any issues. Upon soft boot, there are no issues.


Is this normal? Both my rigs do the exact same thing upon cold boot. I thought it may be by design as it would be unlikely for me to have the exact same issue with identical rigs.

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