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Noobie here with question


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My Brother built this pc for me and I am trying to understand a few things about it

It is supposed to be SLI configured, (I have 2 nvidia 7900 gto cards),

but when I went into bios to turn off the silly music alarm I noticed it said

memory installed 4096 , but on extreme tweaker tab it said SLI memory not detected. so I am very confused:confused:


#1) How do I know what exact kind of memory I have?

only thing in my box is a piece of paper that says

XMS2 DHX dual path heat exchange, 4 gb:4 x 1 gb modules

for 64 bit OS (I have x/p 64) I want to search memory , but dont know exact s about what it is???


#2)I need to know why bios says memory not SLI ready.

The whole purpose of this pc build was to get a SLI machine together

& How do I get it to be SLI if it is not already.


#3)What are the best settings in bios for my machine?

hdd says nvidia stripe, but I am suppose to have 2 10,000 rpm raptors

dont know how to look at that either (sigh)


ps I have just read OS XP 64 bit is not that great, should I go back to 32 bit and start over???:eek:


thanks in advance

sorry for the noob questions


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I have worked with this motherboard. What is your BIOS revision? Update to the latest BIOS, enter the BIOS and set the SLI ready memory to CMU MAX.


You may have to contact ASUS regarding this issue as this is problematic with this board. The issue is a function of the mainboard. Keep in mind that this does not change the fact that you have an SLi machine that is running the graphics in SLi mode. SLi enabled memory working in an SLi Memory enabled motherboard means that you do not have to manually insert the timing values, they should be read by the system and inserted automatically.


If you are running with an Nvidia Stripe, then you are indeed running your hard drives in RAID function. You have no worry there.

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BTW thanks for quick reply, before messing with bios I want to make sure these are sli ready.


I do recall seeing somewhere I had default bios so I will update that and do what you said if I know for sure the sticks are compatible for SLI and this board.


Other question is How do I determine which kind of memory I have?I want to see if it is SLI ready memory and would like to research it

a bit further but dont know the specs? Is their a test or where can I look.

I did try crucial site and that didnt work and another system thing used to look at my specs but it doesnt show memory for some weird reason.

The only thing I see on another look just now is each stick says 868 mghz.

I mean corsair are my memory sticks, maybe I am in wrong forum for that questiion. sorry if so. :confused:

thanks all!

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