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Asus P5N-E SLI & TWIN2X2048-6400 G - 1GB DDR2 XMS2 x4


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My system is working great! However I was told if I set the timing in my BIOS I would get even better results? I have gone in my BIOS and seen the timing settings. I'm just not 100% what I want to change can someone give me some direction please?


O/S is Windows Vista Ultimate 64-BIT (Fresh Install)



After finding posts w close systems I made the following changes myself.


tCL -5

tRCD -5

tRP - 5

tRAS -12

(I left all the advanced timings alone)


Command Per Clock - 2 Clock

2.013 voltage

FSB - Memory Clock Mode - Linked


Is this correct? My memory in the Windows performance was 5.1 and is now 5.2 after those changes. Is that "normal" for my system?


Thank You,




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No problems w the memtest...


1. My friend has the exact system but only 2GIGs and gets a Windows rating on memory of 5.7?


2. If I choose unlinked my score goes up .1? (woot woot, lol).


3. What about using linked 1:1 ratio? I read something about that on here...


Can I increase anyhting else for a performance boost? Is what I have my best bet? (safe/stable)





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Test your system with a Command Rate of 1T. Run memtest and if it passes retest your Windows memory rating. Unlinked is fine. If you are looking to overclock your machine for extra performance, then you need to post in the Enthusiast section where you will get help in overclocking.
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