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Computer doesn't want to go over 1gb ram.


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I have a Biostar N4SLI-A9 motherboard with a AMD Athalon 3500+ processor and it seems to not want to go over 1gb ram.


I have 4 x 512 sticks in it and they are all the same type corsair.


I have run memtest on every one and they are all fine.


I have also put them in every order I can think of and they all show up as 512 mb of ram individually if i put them in as singles.


I can put any 2 in and it will show up as 1gb. 3 or 4 in and it still shows 1gb. No error messages or anything and all the slots will work as singles.


I have even reinstalled Windows Professional to no avail...


Any suggestions?

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You might wish to contact BIOSTAR and see what they have to say about this problem.




Check your BIOS and see if there is newer version:


The newest version is: NSLIA301.BF dated: 3/1/06




If there is no fix, then you may wish to sell the 4 X 512 and purchase 2 x 1024.

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Okay I went to start -> programs -> accessories -> system tools -> system information and it shows 2gb physical but only 1gb available also the bios shows 2gb when it starts up and I press delete.


Now the available physical memory under my computer and properties is still 1gb.


Ctrl+Alt+Del also shows only 1gb total physical. Is there some kind of limit windows is setting somewhere I don't know about?

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You performed an install of Windows XP Professional and the issue repeats. This is confusing. Are you running any program that creates RAM drives from physical memory? Any programs that request permanent access to DRAM? How about virtualization? Are you running Virtual Operating systems?
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Okay CPU-Z shows under memory:


DDR and size is 2048 which is correct.


My computer isn't as fast as it should be b/c under system properties and under CTRL+ALT+DEL it is using 50% of only 1gb. CPU-Z sees it but windows seems to miss it. I have already re-installed windows. What should I do now?


Also i dont know if you need this info but..


Frequency - 201.0MHz


CAS#Latency - 2.5 clocks

RAS# to CAS# - Delay 3 clocks

RAS# Precharge - 3 clocks

Cycle Time - 8 clocks

Bank Cycle Time -11 clocks

Command Rate -2T

DRAM Idle Timer - 16 clocks


Under SPD

Slots 1 and 2 have frequency of 133 MHz and next column 200 MHz

Slots 3 and 4 have frequency of 200MHz and next column is blank.

(I think its b/c 2 of them are dual sided ram and the other 2 are single sided although they are both Corsair value select PC3200 (200MHz part numbers VS512MB400)


All are at 2.5 volts



anything out of the ordinary?

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