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4gig showing in bios 2 gig ONLY in win32 not even slightly more?


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I am using win vista 32. I know this question has been answered but everyone that is attempting to use 4 gig is at least having windows show 3 gig or 3.5 gig. No matter what config i use i get 2048mb showing in windows not even a tad more like i didnt install it at all.


I have a p5b Deluze MB with updated bios , and mem remapping on. 4 gig is showing in bios and CPUZ and PCwizard and other prog will show 4 gig but widows will not. Any help would be appreciated!


I did order vista 64 bit, but before i reformat and install, i want to be sure im not wasting my time!

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If the full size is showing in BIOS but it still shows that you only have Two Gig from when you did the install that happens sometimes it is still using the memory just that application has not been reset. I would suggest talking to Microsoft and ask them how to reset that application.
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I jusr purchased 2 sticks of dual channel ddr2 6400 ram each 1gig from you corsair.


I allready had 2 sticks of ddr2 6400 ram running as dual channel before I added the ram I just bought from you.




My MB will max at 4gigs of DDR2 Mem however when I put all 4 gigs in my system doesnt boot up..No matter what slot I put what stick of ram into..Is this simply an issue of not having all the ram be Crossair?




I can run either the 2 sticks I bought from you guys or the two sticks I had previously without a problem....




I had 1 6400 STICK 1GIG DDR2 OF SAMSUNG...








I am running Winxp Pro , My Mother Board is a genuine intel model number D945G TP


and I am using a genuine Pentium D 2.66 GHZ Cpu..




Thanks for your promt response..




Sincerley Jason

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Thanks for your response to my thread Ram Guy. I should point out that when i install 3 gig of Ram windows will say 2240 indicated a "slight" increase which is just plain weird. I doubt that its simply windows stuck and not displaying the update, but still using the ram. I wonder if somehow i could test my system to see if it is indeed USING the 4 gig and not just the 2 gig it is displaying.


Sorry to the previous poster, but perhaps he might want to start his own thread, as his is a booting up issue, my issue is a different one entirly, and do not want to stray from my problem.



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