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Problems with VS1GSDS533D2 memory module and Dell Precision M20


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Hello to anyone,

I still trying to install one Corsair Memory Module (Code VS1GSDS533D2) on my Dell Precision M20. According to Memory Configurator on Corsair's web site, this type of memory should work correctly on my laptop, but I found some problems.

The first problem I've encountered is that my PC won't power on (leds normally lighted, but the screen remain black) with this module installed, but when I surf the internet searching for a possible cause of this, i reached this forum, and I've learn that I must follow this procedure in order to have my PC working:

- Power down the PC and Unplug the AC Power

- Remove ALL memory modules

- Reconnect AC Power and Power-on the PC

- My PC automatically power down after a while in this condition (no memory)

- Unplug AC Power

- Insert memory module

- Reconnect AC Power and Power-on the PC

- Load the default settings into BIOS Setup


With this procedure, effectively the PC can boot-up but only with VS1GSDS533D2 module installed (even if I want to use it in conjunction with the original Samsung 512Mb DDR2 module to reach 1.5Gb of memory, but this can be done in a second step, only one problem a time! ;): ). The PC correctly said me that the amount of system memory has changed and, after I press F1 to continue, correctly load my boot manager. MemTest86+, however, found thousand of errors on test #5. Seaching for the reason of this failure on internet, I've discovered that problems on this test are often caused by a erroneous settings in memory timings (CAS, RAS, etc..). If the PC is a normal desktop PC, I've no problem to manually changing it, but in a laptop, since there's no option to set these values, I've no idea of what I can do.

Unfortunately this PC is the only I have with a DDR2 slot, so I can't try the memory module on another one (even if I still asking all of my friend what kind of laptop have, hoping to find one compatible with this module).

Are there someone that can help me?

Thanks, Alessio.


P.S. Sorry for my bad english, I hope however that the concept is clear.

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The system is called Dell Precision Workstation M20 in memory configurator instead of Precision M20 (Dell sometimes called this system Precision M20, sometimes Precision Workstation M20, sometimes Precision Workstation M20 Notebook) but the PC is the same because, according to Dell Website, exits only one model with one of this names.

The link relative to this system of memory configurator is http://www.corsairmemory.com/configurator/system_results.aspx?id=49484


where is possible to see all memory modules compatibles with this system.


Bye, Alessio.

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Ok, I will follow your suggest by ordering a module that DELL consider compatible with my system.

However I don't know if my vendor can take this module back, principally because this isn't its error. I ordered directly with Corsair code because Corsair Memory Configurator tell me that this module is right for my system!

Probably is better for me to gift this module to anyone that can use it.

In order to avoid another people to make the same reasoning as me and discover too later that this module can never work in its PC, I think is better to remove the compatibility from Corsair Memory Configurator or, at least, put an advice indicating that the module may not work on system.

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