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What is Corsairs' Replacement Policy?


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I Bought a pair of high end[at that time] memory modules sometime last year, and i'm afraid they are going to need to be replaced due to errors on them..


What I wonder about is not the procedure of RMA etc, That is clear enough thanks to RAMGUY's FAQ's :): (No sarcasm meant :sunglasse )


What I DO wonder about, is where can I find any replacement policy stating what they replace bad modules with?


What I mean is, a Policy that stats what kind of product (And under what terms) do I get for turning in a defected product, As in - Do I get a rectified module for a bad module? Do they only give Brand-New modules for replacements of bad modules? I can't find any information about this..... and I think its important.


Thanks !

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Sorry but that is a completely open-end answer.


"For the same or better product" Does not answer my question, the same product could be a rectified, or an open-boxed product, on the other hand it could also mean Same product in a completely sealed box.....


I'm trying to figure out what am I going to get back, a pair of modules in an anti-static bag that were once used and then returned for some reason [and were checked to work of course... but all-the-same, used.] or a brand new product in a retail package?... Is there ANY written policy that specify that?.. I'm amazed that no-one ever asked that before]


Get my question now? :):


Either way, Compliments on the very quick response!! :D:

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