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p5n32-e sli problem


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heres my setup:

p5n32-e sli

msi 8600gts


quad2x4096-6400c5dhx g


i have updated my bios to the latest version (1205)


in bios it reads my ram as 4096mb but in windows it says i have 3326mb


with only 2 sticks in, it reads properly


after talking to the asus tech they sent me here and assured me that all i need to do is change my timings and it will work

i tried these timings to no avail





thanks much

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What version of O.S. are you using? If its a 32-Bit O.S. that is normal and you will never see the full four Gig of memory. There is a sticky about this is General questions. If you have a 64-Bit O.S. you may have to change a BIOS setting to Re-Map the memory. And I am sorry but ASUS Tech Support should know that.
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