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wobbly 16gb Corsair Flash Voyager


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Yesterday i did a really silly thing. I forgot my pen

was still in my Laptop as I was caring it around and i inadvertently put

pressure on the underside of my 16gb Corsair Flash Voyager and it bent upwards.


It still works (for now), but is seems very loose, the metal bit is wobbling

from within its protective outer plastic case.


I have been more than happy with my 16gb Corsair Flash Voyager and would hate to be without it. Would it be possible to send it back to Corsair for a replacement?

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Dear RAM Guy,


I also have a similar problem with my Corsair Flash Voyager. The USB connector has come away from the outer plastic coating and now wobbles up and down quite freely. Although a connection to a PC can often be made, I'm no longer confident to put any important data on it for transfer.


Is this covered under the warranty?


Many Thanks,

Flibble Wibble

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