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Computer freezes when playing games


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I am experiencing freezes when playing games (tested Bioshock, Swat4, Oblivion), the picture totally freezes after around 5 sec to 15 minutes, but the sound goes on for a while and then the whole computer stops responding. Also in Bioshock I'm experiencing some weird black/colored boxes every now and then.


The weird thing is that the card is 256MB (says so on the box and on the card), but DxDiag, SIW and PC Wizard 2007 all say it has 512MB. Could it be that the games are trying to access that "extra" 256MB?


The Rig:

Case: Antec Performance P180

Power: Antec Phantom 500W

Mobo: Asus P5N-E SLI

CPU: Intel E6750

GPU: Asus 8600GT 256MB Silent

RAM: Corsair 2GB

OS: WinXp Pro Sp2, fully up todate

DirectX: August (latest)


All drivers are the newest, have tried the nVidia beta drivers aswell, same problem. Nothing is overclocked and heat is not a problem. Everything is below 45 degrees celsius.


I've run memtest a couple of passes -> no errors found.

The bios autodetects mem settings wrong, tried setting them to 5-5-5-12@2T and have tried numerous other combinations with the other settings, but still it freezes.


However nTune displays only 0 as the Command per Clock with no other options available: http://koti.mbnet.fi/wby/ntune.jpg


I have ran benchmarks on everything, it performs good on everything except 3D, which leads me to think that the GPU is fried, but since so many people have problems with this mobo+ram combination, i'm trying my luck here.


Any ideas on what could be wrong?

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