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Twin2x2048-8500c5 issue


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Hello, I built my computer a while ago and recently ran into stability issues.


I ensured nothing on the software side was amiss, so I turned to the hardware. I ran Memtest86+ v1.70 on both sticks and I got all kinds of errors. Then I did them one at a time at bios default settings and they both passed. I upped the speed to the advertised 2.2v 1066mhz and did the first stick for 3 runs and it passed. I did the other for 3 runs and and it failed a couple of tests.


I think that I have a damaged part. Should I RMA? If this is the case, both sticks have to be sent to you, correct?



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Thanks for the reply. Sadly, I don't have any other testing resources.


Why do you believe that this is related to another problem? What would you recommend be the next troubleshooting step that I can perform without the need for additional computer parts?

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