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Ram doesn't run at max speed. Pls help.


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I have two different sticks: one is a 256MB Corsair Value PC3200 DDR400 CAS 2.5 (VS256MB400) and the other is a 512MB Kingston PC3200 DDR400 CAS 3 (I don't know model number).


When I installed just one stick it ran at full speed PC3200 200MHz (CPU speed / 8). But when I installed them together they just only ran at 100MHz (CPU speed /16).


My specs : MSI K8NGM-V, AMD Sempron 2800+ 1.6GHz (Palermo), Samsung SATA 80GB and an Asus DVD Drive.


I tried everything I could do with the BIOS. My mainboard just can set the RAM speed limit (it just LIMIT the speed, not SET the speed) and manual set RAM latency (set to the lowest latency doesn't help). And I can't use oc software like Clockgen to set the RAM speed.


Any solutions ?


Thank you.

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