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HX520W -5V too high


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I installed my HX520W and was immediately alerted of an issue in the hardware monitor in the BIOS. The hardware monitor was displaying this:


VCORE Voltage 1.72V
+3.3V Voltage 3.48V
+5V Voltage 4.94V
+12V Voltage 12.16V
-12V Voltage -11.88V
-5V Voltage [color="Red"]-6.14V[/color]


I disconnected all devices other than the motherboard to confirm that it wasn't an issue with one of my peripherals. The hardware monitor was displaying the same readings. This had never happened with my old PSU.


I'm concerned that -6.14V may damage my machine. Is this normal? Is it safe to operate at that voltage, or is there something wrong with my PSU?



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Your 3.3V is also out of spec, however you should use a digital multi-meter to measure the voltages. You can pick up a nice one from Sears or Radio Shack for under $30.


I have a digital multimeter. What colors do I need to measure?

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I just measured the 12 and 5 volt rails. I get 12.04 and 5.01 respectively, which is good. I don't have an aux cable. How do I measure 3.3?


EDIT: Nevermind, I used the ATX connector. Its fluctuating between 3.40 and 3.41.


Everything is cool. It was the BIOS that was wrong. Thanks for your help!

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At least when someone else down the road has a similar issue you can point them to this thread. :headbang:




BIOS and Software voltage readings are often not accurate, DMM's are definitely the best way to check!

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