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Blue screen during memtest


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I starting having issues with a slow system 3 months ago and was getting a knocking sound from the hard drive. I've installed a replacement hard drive which tests ok with the seagate test tools. However, the system won't allow WIN XP to complete the setup. I've had file copy problems and blue terminate screen during the setup. Seagate say it isn't a problem with the HD. So I downloaded memtest and ran a test. It gave 5 errors in 3 hours. I left it on overnight and got a junked up blue screen. I then reloaded the optimized bios settings and ran memtest again and received the blank blue screen within 20 minutes. The system ran fine for 18 months after the initial build with no issues. Do I need to change the bios settings or replace the memory? MB is Epox EP-8HMMI-A. Memory is Valueselect VS1GB400C3.
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