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VX450-EU Keyboard LEDs flashing, no function


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Hello i have a Problem with a 450VXEU. After installing there is no function and the Keyboard LEDs and any USB Device LED are blinking (flashing).


I tried this on second MOBO => the same Problem.


The Paperclip-Test (green=>black) seems to be OK.


Mainboard: Foxxconn NF4UK8AA

Memory: 4x Corsair CMX512 3200C2

Grafic: EVGA Geforce 7600GT /PCIex


If anyone has had the same experience as me and found a good solution, please post it.


Thank You

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  • Corsair Employees
We tested this board and the +5vsb rail goes out of spec on initial boot up. Since this PSU has overcurrent protection, the PSU will shut down, once the rail goes out of spec. This only happens on high efficiency PSUs with good OCP (over cuurent protection) and does not happen on all nForce4 motherboards. This particular board is the only one we know of with this problem.
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