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Well, I have a 2X512 XMS2 675 MHz set installed.


There is an issue that started happening VERY OFTEN to me know. Sometimes when I'm using my computer (it can be anything, but playing WoW seems to make it happen faster) the system crashes, and sometimes when rebooting right away I get a blue screen for physical memory dump.


Well since this issue started happening I tried many things and I'm 100% sure it is not an overheating problem nor software problem. Just after trying many different things I noted that in my BIOS post screen the OK memory size does not equal the installed size shown. Could it be a memory problem?


If not any guesses on what might be the problem? It is happening a lot, and startig to irritate me.


Thanks for the attention


Note: I've manually set the mem's clock do 667 MHz to match that of the mobo frequency (making it no overclock at all)

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