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TwinX2048-4000PT & 2xCMX512-3200C2 on a PC-DL


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This combo, didn't really take of. Actually it produces on average 1 1bit error every hour in memtest 86+, when running at 100MHz fsb. I noticed all the errors were in the 2048+ region, and simply pulled the 2 512MB memory's. Didn't run further testing, since i wont be satisfied with it anyway. It still ain't working at 200FSB no matter what. Knowing the issue already, I'm going to ask for the information needed, instead of just asking "what do you think is wrong?"


What is the specified Vmem settings, and what are max recommended Vmem for the different memory's?


I got the following info on the 512MB memory, bought b4 the release of twin packs:

CMX512-3200C2, and what seams to be the shops internal artnr: 512DDRCA400C2

And the Twinx pack:



Hopefully I'll be able to get the much needed Vmem spec's, and will be able to proceed with a very simple Vmem mod on the PC-DL, to get it up to speed, without risking to go over spec.


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Yes the Memory Voltage MOD will help

Great. Any idea on the recomended Vmem, and max Vmem?

but you will need to manually set the timings as well to Cas 2.5-3-3-7.

No i wont, SPD actually pics that on auto. I'll play with the settings tho.


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