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Fan wires crossed, even on replacement.

jacob weber

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I just got the replacement cwc100-1001 water cooling kit, and I was at first surprised that when I swapped the fans (that were not working), the new fan also didnt work. I have a lot of electronics background and went about testing why the fan wouldnt work (I should have done this before RMAing, but simply assumed that it was the fan). I put a multimeter on the short harnest from the ps to the fan connector and did get an accurate 12v. I then noticed that when the two connections are put together, the color codes on the wires were reversed. The fan is blue- and red +, and the harness was red+ and black-. (Fan Blue- to harness Red+, and Fan Red+ to harness Black-)


Finding that interesting, i proceeded to test the fan with a seperate 12v regulated powersupply on my work bench, and was surprised to find that by applying 12v to red+ and Blue- , directly to the fan, it did work. I was further to verify that that the fan was definately working correctly because of the air flow direction through the fan was correct by comparing the airflow arrows on the fan itself.


When I reversed the polarities through the harness, and plugged it into the fan, the fan then worked properly.


So what I ended up doing was cutting and reversing the wires (polarities) of the harness and while not modifying the wires on the fan itself, plugged in the newly modified harness back into the fan...




So, this means to me that both factory harnesses were incorrectly wired at the factory and needs to be reversed for this kit to work correctly. This is an obvious manufacturing problem that can be fixed simply by reversing the wires in the plug at the factory for the harness. The fan itself is wired correctly. I am surprised that this wasnt caught in product testing...


Hope this helps with your products, and I will be sending the unmodified replacement harness/total kit back in my RMA.



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Yah i was a bit surprised that it didnt use a simple Floppy drive connector or something like that to the slot plate. This design is too... proprietary. As a result, someone didnt check it at the factory.


It definately wasnt a fan out of another kit since corsair techsupport told me that they didnt have individual parts for this kit and that they had to ship me a complete, factorynew kit. I was then to take the defective items, and exchange them from the kit and mail it all back.


So, this is definately a manufacturing problem as I had the same problem from 2 brand new kits, and apparently, EzNoobPwned did too

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