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Corsair Hx620w gave a pop!


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in waiting for my last piece to arrive, i set up the power supply with the modular wires connected to the power supply on a bed, with the fan facing up, and the wires layed out, *note: i checked, no shorting anywhere*


then, after i connected the supply to the mains power, i switched on the switch at the back of Corsair. heard a pop! :eek: quickly i turned off and sniffed around the fans of Corsair, smelt nothing.


okay, so i tryed to switch it on 15mins later, i saw a spark inside the supply unit, but little smell came off it.

the spark is around the back of the unit, opposite where the 24-pin and CPU power cables are located.


now, can anyone please verify that this is supposed to happen?

:sad-smile im so worried that i have to RMA it....... that'd mean more waiting :(


btw, plugged it into my current, Sempron PC, booted up fine. looks like this unit is in working order at low load.



edit: mobo arrived! after set up, everything seems fine....... q6600 G0, simply change FSB to 333 and now i've got 3Ghz.

is the pop and tiny sparks okay? should i RMA it?


and btw, this power supply has been sitting in the box for 2 month since i collected it, do i contact OCuk or Corsair for checks?

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  • Corsair Employees

If the PSU is "popping" and you see a spark from within the PSU, then we need to RMA it ASAP, do not use the PSU!


Please call us at Tech support at 800-205-7657 and we will help you solve the problem, our hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time Monday thru Friday excluding holidays! Or you may email ramguy@corsairmemory.com with your name and contact information and we will call you and set up an RMA. If you email, please put "ATT: Ramguy!" in the subject line and include a link to this thread.

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thanks email sent.


although strangely enough, when i got lights and camera ready, and turned it on (in the exactly same condition as before: nothing connected) nothing happened

so was that just a one off? can i ignore that and use it normally?

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