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Packard Bell MX36 problem


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I've been trying to upgrade my Packard Bell MX36 laptop with little success.


Last night I installed some Corsair RAM (VS1GSDS667D2) and rebooted the computer. The computer booted as it should (except for POST not showing more than about 1GB RAM, I say about since the video card shares RAM).

In Windows I noticed that I still had only 1GB of RAM.


I then tried to switch places on the modules and I even ran them by themselves and on different slots. The Corsair RAM did work alone in any slot (#1 or #2), the original Micron technology as well. The problem was simple that they did not work together.

I have contacted Packard Bell support about this but thought that I would ask you as well to see if there is any known compatibility issues with either the computer or the original RAM (Micron Technology, part no. 8HTF12864HDY-667E1 as reported by CPU-Z).


Both SO-DIMM modules have the same characteristics (DDR2 PC2-5300, latency of 5, 5, 5, 15 and are of size 1GB). Physically they differ in the fact that the Corsair has twice as many chips on it (8 on each side opposed to 4 on the original module). Any other differences have passed unnoticed. :)


One disturbing fact is that under the tab called "Memory" CPU-Z reports 2GB RAM but under the SPD tab I cannot get CPU-Z to show anything in slot #2, slot #1 always shows the correct module.

This leads me to believe that there is something working on a low level but I don't know, this is unknown territory...


The manual states that one just has to pop the memory in and reboot, the BIOS should recognize the new RAM and configure accordingly.


Any hints on what could be wrong or what to do?

To me it seems like memory incompability.

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Thanks for the quick reply!


I've done the test(s) now.

Followed the procedure of turning computer off, removing power chord and battery, removing memory, adding power chord, booting, shutting down, removing chord, adding memory, adding power chord, starting, loading defaults, rebooting into Memtest86+ v. 1.70 (booted from CD through boot menu during boot).


I had it doing it's paces with the new memory as well as the original one (about 1½ pass each).

I even made a test with both of them installed but it reported the same amount of memory (895MB) in that configuration as well.


Memtest86+ reported the corsair RAM to be faster but otherwise there were no difference. Both modules passed with flying colors.


Now we know the RAM should be ok.

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Thanks for the help.


It's a bugger the RAM does not work with the current setup but I guess I should have checked before I bought it.


I'm going back to the store today to return the RAM but not until I have contacted Packard Bell support to find compatible RAM.


Thanks for the swift help.

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I just wanted to let you know that I decided to go for a dual 1024MB ram module upgrade (Corsair Value S. 2048MB DDR2 PC-5300 (2 x 1GB) (SODIMM)).


I chose this because Packard Bell would charge me twice the money for half the amount of RAM and because I had tested the 1GB module without a problem alone in the computer.


I still haven't run Memtestx86+ but the computer works and it reports the correct amount of money. I think I'll do the test during the weekend though.

Vista sure feels a lot faster when running it with 2GB of RAM (opposed to 1GB).


I would like to thank you for the swift help once again.

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