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XMS2 10000C5DF + Abit IN9-32XMAX


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I really really need some help here. Due to some shocking advice from a friend I purchased this amazing memory, and equally amazing motherboard. However, it seems compatibility here is a massive issue. I have latest Bios, but can only run these dimms at 800Mhz. The EPP of 1250Mhz is recognised, and the system does boot, but it takes about 30 mins to get to windows login screen.


Im hoping someone has this combination of hardware and can give me some settigns I can plug in manually. I just want to get as close to the 1250Mhz EPP as possible, to justify the expense of the RAM! I'm not big on manually voltage setting, hence I bought the EPP ram :-(




Q6600 @ Stock 2.4Ghz

Abit IN9-32XMAX

Enermax Galaxy 1000W PSU

2 x 8800 GTX

Vista Ultimate



I have plugged one dimm into each channel (one in each colour slot) 2 x 1Gb in total. The bios says dual channel active so I must have the slots right...


Please help someone!!!!

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I have seen those reports :-(


Ok, its looking like a new motherboard then.


Can I be assured that the Asus Striker Extreme will support the 1250Mhz EPP. It says so in the reports, but considering the work involved in taking apart my machine I need to be sure.


One other quick question, given my hardware, could the fact that I am running my sticks at 800Mhz lead to very very slow fps in bioshock?


What does RAM speed actually attribute speed to?

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