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Asus P5K Premium WiFi-AP + CM2X1024-8500C5


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Hi, with the Asus P5K Premium WiFi-AP mobo i cant get windows (CPU-Z) to show the correct values :(


During POST memory shows as 1066 modules (ive set them to that in bios tho, and added the recommended timing settings: 5-5-5-15 2T 2.1v)


Link to image with info from CPU-Z:http://img206.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mycomputercpuzfowshoowbf3.jpg (image is also attached to this post)


ps. cpu clock speed is low because of intel speedstep, under load its 3067Mhz (intel C2D E6850).


Pls help me sort this out, Thanks in advance // fowshoow


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Hi thanks for quick reply!!


So if im understanding this right: my mods are working at the 1066 speed/pc8500?


And on the SPD tab in CPU-Z it says: max bandwidth:pc2-6400 (400mhz) shouldnt ist say alteast pc2-8500?


The SPD tab shows the Max JDEC standards for DRAM, not the actual throughput of the DRAM. You will note that the modules show 1066 and that the memory tab is showing 533 X 2 = 1066 so you are at the correct 1066MHz.

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Hi, im having problems with my above specs (reboots, bluescreens, discerrors, memtest reports memory errors).


Been sending this computer in for repairs multiple times and now the manufacturer says that i have to downgrade my mems (800Mhz) to insure stability.


Wanna know what u think about this? To me it sounds crazy, when there even are computers with 1600Mhz mems out there.. Arent they stabile? :confused:


edit: added some info

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no i haven't, and computer is at the shop right now.


Ive done some searching and this may have somthing to do with my mobo which only partially supports 1066mhz mems. Says something about overclocking support!?..


Gonna try to switch to another mobo with native 1066 support, like Asus P5E and hope that does the trick.


Correct me if im wrong here, thanks!

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