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VS2GBKIT533D2 problems using only 1 stick


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AMD 6000+



Everything was working fine, until 1 stick stopped working, ran windows memory diagnostic and it said 1 stick wasn't working. So i pulled it out and continued using the other stick by itself. However, some games were constantly crashing such as bioshock and colin macrae dirt however some worked such as css and tomb raider anniversary. The crashes occurred sometimes after a few mins or straight away.


So then i though there was something wrong with the last stick of ram so i borrowed a friends stick of exactly the same ram and it performed exactly the same:[pouts:.


Then i tried using 2 sticks again and it worked fine again (mine and his):):.


So i am confused, and thought i would try and work out why so i can give back the borrowed stick while i wait for my bad stick to come back on warranty.


All the parts are 1 months old and I haven't been overclocking or changing any settings in the bios.


Thanks in advance,

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I don't beleive I can change the memory voltage in my bios settings(i have the extra settings turned on), there is only options to change the timmings. Voltage is set to 1.8 which on the corsair site says is the correct timming.


I have run memtest and it passed.


Anything else to try?


Thanks for your help,

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I have looked everywhere for the option and yes I know how to use the secret options in the bios, I think they may have removed the voltage change option because its a basic micro atx form factor board. All of the overclocking features can't be used with giga-byte cheap micro atx boards.
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