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EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 & CM2X1024-85005d


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I just upgraded to an EVGA 680i 122-CK-NF68-A1 with DOMINATOR CM2X1024-8500C5D v.1.2 I have the latest BIOS installed.


I have been trying to get this system to work for HOURS! I tried following POSTS #307886 & #308080. My computer will not POST. It consistently hangs at the Windows XP Logo screen. Dropping the FSB and memory to 800MHz is the only way I get through the first part of the Windows installation.


I am VERY frustrated. Please give DETAILED troubleshooting instructions/settings. I had no idea this memory would be so hard configure with this motherboard. I am not interested in overclocking right now. I just want the damn board and RAM to work at the rated speed. I would even settle for below the rated speed at this point.


I am using on old PCI Matrox Millennium to test before I install my EVGA 320-P2-N815-AR GeForce 8800GTS 320MB. It's installed in the first PCI slot closest to the CPU. Would that matter?



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Hey Byrdman, I have the exact same motherboard/RAM combo that you do.


What voltage settings are you using right now? Did you use SLI-ready memory? (don't)

What latency settings did you use?


It sounds like your RAM isn't getting the voltage it needs to run stable over 800 MHz. Remember that the motherboard will default to 1.8-1.85V, whereas your Dominators need 2.2V.


The first PCI-E slot should not be an issue, but I'd put in the 8800 anyway ;):

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Memory is actually CM2X1024-8500C5D...


I did install the video card...


And I used the settings I got from RAM GUY...


Memory Voltage: 2.2v

NB Core Voltage: 1.45v (nForce SPP)

SLI Ready: Disabled

FSB Memory CLock Mode: Unlinked

FSB QDR MHZ: 1066MHZ(leave at 1066MHZ when testing RAM, Do not OC)

MEM DDR MHZ: 800MHZ(start with 800MHZ increase by 20MHZ each time you test)

TCL: 5


TRP: 5

TRAS: 15

Command Per Clock: 2T

TRC: 28

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