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Currently twinx3200LL 2x256mb, what to buy for 1g ram


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hey everyone, I've currently got the TWINX3200LL v1.2 2x256mb dual channel optimized ram set on my 8RDA+ nforce2 board. If I'm going to upgrade to 1g, is this what I do?: > stick both current sticks into the 2 slots right next to each other so that they are both controlled by the same memory controller > buy a stick of 512mb xms3200LL v1.2 into the remaining slot which is controlled by the other controller If I am right, then overclockability would hopefully stay the same right? Currently running 2.70-2.72v at 218 sync @ cas2-11-3-2, hopefully can do the same after I add a 3200LL v1.2.
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