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Power Cable for my Dual 8800GTX setup =(


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i recently bought another 8800gtx card for my Setup which now includes a:



Gigabyte DQ6 Mobo

2gig DDR2 Team Memory

and 2 8800GTX in SLI mode...


but guys i have this question.. do u guys supply cables (PCI-e Power Cables) in which one cable has two PCI-e power connector. so ill use only 2 PCI-Cables coming from the PSU and be able to plug those 2 to my 2 pieces of 8800GTX... coz that would have been much practical and nice looking too therefore avoiding the use of a Molex to PCI-e Connect.. if you have one available please let me know =(


thanks and more power

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no mr ramguy you didnt get me


what im trying to say is i need 4 PCi-E power connectors to power up my 2 pieces of 8800GTX in my system


here is the diagram;


Corsair 620HX ----> 2 PCi-CAble coming from the PSU(4 PCi-E connectors)---> Two 8800GTX


meaning in 1 Pci-e Cable coming from the PSU it has 2 PCi-E power connectors for 1 8800 GTX


so all in all 2 Pci-e Cable coming from the PSU equals 4 PCi-E power connectors for my Two 8800GTX...



awaiting kindly for your reply =)

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