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HX620 Coil Buzzing, the story


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Hi there!


Being a fan of the silentpcreview's site, I decided to get a HX620 a few months ago among other parts and my PC is virtually quiet.


Except for the coil buzzing eminating from the HX620.

I thought I had a faulty sample, so I had it replaced by my online vendor without a problem, they said electronics could show this behavior and happily exchanged it for a new PSU.


Second day using the new PSU, same problem popped up.

I had it replaced again, and sure enough, third sample, which I'm using right now, is buzzing as well.


The buzzing:


Typical cricket-ish coil buzzing sound. Can be quiet for hours, just to show up when least expected. Sometimes it seems to be relative to computer load/idle, and sometimes not.

The buzzing goes on for anything between 1 minute and 2 hours, and sounds in short bursts of 3 seconds to 20 seconds in length and varying volume. The silent period between the buzzes is anything from 3 secs to 5 minutes. And the silent period between "buzzing periods" can be anything from 5 minutes to half a day.


I've read the threads I could find on this board about the matter, and I know your next question is: Do you have it plugged in through a UPS or similar? If yes > try without it.


Well, my computer is connected directly to the wall socket.


Next question would probably be: "Are you sure it's the PSU?"

Yes. Positive. Definately. There's no question about it, I've hassled with this issue far too long to not have reassured myself it's the PSU over and over again. I've tried different graphic cards, motherboards, harddrives etc.. Of course that's not as important as the fact that I really hear the buzzing a few centimeters away from my ears when I put it right to the PSU.


It' in the PSU.




What do I do? My choices are:

1. Have it replaced again, with chances being VERY high that I'll just get another chirping PSU

- Seriously, at this point it's hard to expect anything else to happen.


2. Get another type of PSU

- I don't really want to do this since this PSU is awesome EXCEPT for this issue.


3. Try WITH a UPS

- This is just an idea, but I'd like to hear what you guys think about it. I'm thinking since using a crappy UPS could cause this for some ppl, then maybe using a good one could get rid of the problem for me? The big problem with this is the quite hefty cost of a good quality UPS.


Could it be the actual power in the house I live in that's causing this?

Still... I've had other computers with non-buzzing PSU's so I get the feeling that a slightly differently engineered PSU should do the trick.


I'm clueless, and I'd love to get some help on this matter.

Thanks for reading



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If three different power supplies are doing the same thing, then there may be an issue with the power source/environment that you are in. The HX PSUs are high efficiency PSUs and when they are not getting a good power signal you may hear a slight buzzing noise. Are you able to test the system in a different house/area? Is the buzzing sound audible from more than a foot or two away, or do you need to be right next to it to hear it?
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