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No Overclocking my 3200 ll pro?


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I'm Looking for even a moderate increase in speed over 200 Mhz from my 3200's but they wont budge at any Voltage, I dropped them down to 333, and was able to increase my fsb to 239 Mhz, attaining my 2.4 ghz speed but I cant push any further over 200 Mhz on the mem speed or My puter wont post. So I cant push past 2.4. I LOVE this memory, it's speed is unrivaled I believe and Hope to god I can still use and and push to 2.6. Does this series come in 3700? and will that allow me to push a bit further? Can I drop the 3700 to 333 @133 Mhz Push from there to 233 Mhz? I dont want this memory to Stop me from Oc'ing to 2.6 P.S. No Voltage adjustments helped and I reluctant to change the latency settings as this memory is mean and flacky about that . Thanks for your time.
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