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2 Questions, Corsaid AirFlow Fan and 8500C5D


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1st Question:


I received my Corsair AirFlow Xtreme Cooling System Fan today. One of the screw holes was stripped upon arrival. The screw jsut pushes right in there.


Do you guys send a new braket or do i need to send the entire fan back to you?




Today I also received an additional 2GB of TWIN2X2048-8500C5D Memory. It's the new version 2 that you announced on the 12th of this month.


The previous memory I purchased was back in June and is version 1.2


Is it possible to RMA the old version 1.2 RAM for a new version 2 memory so the voltages required to hit 1066 is the same? I bought components for my computer through the year, last week finally had the money for my processor and video card. I booted my computer for the firsttime this past Tuesday.


Thanks for you're help.

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